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Dress Codes

There is probably nothing worse than being either “over dressed” or “under dressed”, so as you consider which Penguins Formalwear suit to select, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • The time of year
  • The time of the ceremony
  • The formality of the event you intend to attend
  • Has the invite stipulated a certain "dress code"

The following is a guide to dressing in the correct attire for the occasion

White Tie
This is the most formal dress code, often referred to as Ultra Formal. White tie means full dress, tail coat, white bow, vest, dress shirt, cummerbund and patent leather shoes.

Black Tie
This means formal. Normally either Tuxedo or Dinner Suit with a black bow, dress shirt, cummerbund and patent leather shoes. Vests are also commonly worn to add an individual touch.

Black Tie Optional or Black Tie Invited
This gives you the option of wearing either a Tuxedo or a Dinner Jacket, but it should clue you to the formality, meaning a dark suit and tie would be your other option.

Creative Black Tie
This leaves room for trendy interpretations of formalwear. The key dress here would be a dark coloured suit. You would normally also wear a dinner jacket with perhaps a shirt and no tie.

This usually means the same as black tie, but in most instances a dark suit with formal shirt and tie would be appropriate. You could also wear a dinner jacket with a shirt and no tie.

Semiformal is possibly the trickiest of all the dress codes. What you should consider is the formality of the event and also the time of day. This would usually mean that a dinner suit is not required. For an evening event - a dark suit with no tie. For a daytime event - any colour suit with no tie.

This means elegant. Wear a dark suit with a formal shirt and tie.

Dressy Casual
This usually means no jeans or shorts. Similar to semi-formal. Casual generally means anything goes.

This can mean the same as casual. However, when associated with a wedding or other special event, some form of decorum and good taste should prevail. A pair of trousers and shirt are informal, but respectful to the event.

Suit Sizes
If you would like to make a booking for a suit but cannot come in for a fitting, simply fill out this size chart to find out your measurement details and e-mail or phone them through to us.